is aptly named... We love the Ochre City!

Who are we?

We founded this site to objectively classify the best hotels in Marrakech by themes so that you can easily find the place of your next stay according to your desire.

We are Rachael and Yvan, both passionate about Morocco and especially Marrakech. Former globetrotters, we have been living in the area of Marrakech for about ten years. We both work on this site, in order to deliver you quality thematic rankings. We are not linked to any hotel group, and our rankings are as objective as possible.

Our objectives:

  • To help visitors to find their place of stay according to their desires
    To help hotels to promote themselves

How do we make our selections?

The fact that we are present in Marrakech allows us to visit the hotels and to see the facilities. Nevertheless, we take into account your own opinions.

If you know of any of the hotels on this site, please feel free to share your experience with us by email.

If you have stayed in an establishment that is not on the site, but that you think deserves a place here, send us an email with your experience.

If you are a hotel owner, and your hotel is not present on the site or is poorly classified, do not hesitate to send us an email.

Maintaining and updating is a very big job, so if you want to encourage and help us by sharing your experiences of successful stays in Marrakech, we will read your emails with great pleasure!

See you soon in Marrakech,

Rachael and Yvan

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