Caravan Serai Hotel in Douar Khalifa Ben Mbarek – Comfort and Traditional Hospitality

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The Authentic Charm of Caravan Serai in Marrakech

In the heart of Marrakech, Caravan Serai promises an accommodation experience that blends tradition with comfort. This gem of Moroccan hospitality invites travelers to immerse themselves in the authenticity of a dar, or traditional Arab house, while enjoying modern amenities. For savvy visitors, a Genius discount is available to those who log in and book their stay, offering a significant savings opportunity.

A Premier Accommodation in a Traditional Setting

Each room and suite at Caravan Serai is a tribute to Moroccan elegance. Guests can relax on large private terraces or opt for a suite with its own private pool for unmatched privacy and luxury. The furnishings and decor follow a refined traditional Moroccan style, paying homage to local craftsmanship and the cultural history of the region.

Facilities Designed for Well-being

The architecture of Caravan Serai is centered around a central pool, offering a visual retreat and a privileged relaxation spot for residents. The wellness facilities of the establishment include a traditional hammam, a spa with sauna, and the option to book massages for complete relaxation after a day of exploring Marrakech.

Local Gastronomy Takes Center Stage

The restaurant at Caravan Serai is a true ambassador of traditional Moroccan cuisine. Guests can enjoy a variety of local dishes, carefully prepared to showcase the flavors and produce of the region. For those who prefer to dine in the privacy of their room, room service is available to satisfy their cravings.

Relaxing Moments at the Bar

The bar at Caravan Serai is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. Guests can taste a selection of drinks, including the famous traditional Moroccan tea. With its welcoming atmosphere and range of refreshing beverages, the bar is the perfect spot to relax or share travel stories with other guests.

Highlights of Caravan Serai at a Glance

Caravan Serai in Marrakech is an invitation to discover the essence of Morocco through its hospitality, architecture, and gastronomy. This establishment harmoniously combines luxury with tradition to offer its guests an unforgettable stay in the Red City.


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