Marrakech 'On Marche' international dance festival: an unforgettable experience

Marrakech ‘On Marche’ international dance festival: an unforgettable experience

Marrakech 'On Marche' international dance festival: an unforgettable experience
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The Beauty of ‘On Marche’ International Contemporary Dance Festival

From Friday, March 1st to Saturday, March 9th, 2024, the red city of Marrakech came alive with the fascinating On Marche International Contemporary Dance Festival. This unique eight-day event attracted dancers and artists from around the world for a blend of remarkable performances, workshops, discussions, and training sessions. Best of all, it was free!

Vibrant, exciting, and culturally diverse, the festival’s mission was to celebrate Marrakech’s status as the capital of culture in the Islamic world in 2024. The 17th edition promised to be bigger and better than ever, touching upon spirituality in contemporary dance while showcasing the beauty and charm of Marrakech.

Festival Venues: Charming Realms of Art and Heritage

The stunning venues chosen for the various events lent themselves perfectly to the artistic nature of On Marche. Set within the picturesque Al-Bahia Palace, Badii Palace, Menara Gardens, the Regional Conservatory of Music and Choreographic Art, Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, French Institute, and ESAV, attendees were treated not only to rich cultural experiences but to amazingly beautiful surroundings too.

  • Al-Bahia Palace: A masterpiece of modern art, Al-Bahia Palace featured impeccable Andalusian gardens where the enchanting rhythms of dance blended seamlessly into lush landscapes.

  • Badii Palace: Originally a lavish palace, today, Badii Palace served as an innovative performance backdrop surrounded by the spirit of ancient civilizations.

  • Menara Gardens: A tranquil oasis with a wonderful soothing atmosphere, Menara Gardens provided an idyllic escape for dancers and visitors alike.

  • Regional Conservatory of Music and Choreographic Art: Housed in a beautiful building that echoed Marrakech’s rich culture, this venue perfectly encapsulated the artistic essence of On Marche.

A Stellar Line-Up of Dancers from Far and Wide

A Stellar Line-Up of Dancers from Far and Wide
(c) @onmarchemarrakech (instagram)

Renowned dance companies hailing from Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Canada, and South Korea made their presence felt at the festival. Attendees could look forward to witnessing a breathtaking range of dance styles and techniques, under the guidance of highly skilled professional performers eager to share their knowledge.

Workshops, Reflections, and Forum Events

The 2024 edition also included master classes led by professional dancers, allowing attendees to learn new skills and gain valuable insights into different cultures and forms of expression. To complement these learning opportunities, discussions on topics such as the role of dance in Moroccan intellectual space were held as part of the Forum event initiated in 2023.

The Taklîf Prize Recognizing Emerging Choreographers

In addition to stunning performances and workshops, the On Marche Festival aimed to highlight and celebrate up-and-coming choreographers through the Taklîf Prize. Launched in 2023, the prize returned during the 2024 edition, giving fresh talent a chance to shine on stage and receive recognition for their innovative work.

A Perfect Cultural Getaway in Marrakech

As the On Marche festival unfolded in 2024, visitors had the opportunity to make it part of their travel itinerary. Aside from immersing themselves in an unforgettable cultural extravaganza, Marrakech offers a wealth of experiences for adventurers and relaxation-seekers alike. Whether you enjoy exploring world-class museums, art galleries, or indulging in a sensational Moroccan feast, the city promises something for everyone.

The On Marche International Contemporary Dance Festival brought together the best that Marrakech had to offer – unique cultural encounters, mesmerizing performances, and breathtaking venues. An event not to be missed!

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