Is it Safe to Visit Morocco After the Recent Earthquake? Travel Advisory Issued by Foreign Office

Is Morocco safe to visit after the recent earthquake? Foreign Office issues travel advisory

find out if morocco is safe to visit after the recent earthquake and the travel advisory issued by the foreign office.

Understanding Safety in Morocco Following a Seismic Event

In the wake of recent seismic activity which garnered significant concern, travelers are seeking reassurance about safety when considering visiting Morocco. Official sources confirmed an unfortunate loss of life as a result of the tremor that occurred just before the weekend commenced.

The Impact of the Earthquake

A powerful earthquake, registering at a magnitude of 6.8, shook the region surrounding Marrakech, causing distress and destruction. The epicenter was pinpointed approximately 70 kilometers away from the city, leading to a reported toll surpassing a thousand individuals as the situation unfolded into Saturday afternoon.

Current Travel Advice

In light of these events, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has offered guidance for those contemplating travel to Morocco. Their advice constitutes adherence to the instructions dispensed by local Moroccan officials and staying abreast with current developments through regional news channels. It is important to note that, in spite of the quake, both Marrakech and Agadir’s airports remain functional with regular flight operations to and from the United Kingdom not experiencing upheavals.

Cautions and Measures

Reports, including those from the BBC, conveyed that in Marrakech, both locals and international visitors opted to remain outdoors post-quake due to the fear of potential aftershocks. These necessary precautions highlight the importance of being vigilant and ready to follow safety protocols in such emergency situations.

  • Check regular updates from FCDO regarding travel to Morocco
  • Heed the advice of local authorities in affected areas
  • Stay informed through local media for the latest developments
  • Be prepared for aftershocks by understanding safety measures

In summary, while Morocco works to recover from this natural disaster, the essence of travel safety lies in informed and cautious decision-making. Prospective visitors should continuously monitor the situation, align with official advisories, and exercise prudence when planning their journey.

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